Détails portant sur le sujet : Watershed Management, Flood Prediction using ArtificialNeural Network in Kasai Oriental.

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Travail défendu et présenté par Paulin Tshiunza Tshibuabua, 2020-2021 en Informatique(Analyse et Programmation)
Diplôme obtenu

Obtention du diplôme de Master, institution universitaire : African Institute for Mathematical Sciences , ville : Kigali, pays : Rwanda


Watershed Management, Flood Prediction using ArtificialNeural Network in Kasai Oriental.


According to the actual flood situation in the DRC, there has been a significant loss of humanlife, property destruction, and environmental deterioration in the localized areas affected by theseunforeseen incidents (languages French, 1960).

Given that most households in the area depend onagricultural practices, trades, and livestock for their living standards, it is important to understandthe impact of these floods on their socio-economic development.

Residents of Kasai Oriental province are the most affected by floods, which destabilize and kill,causes ravines, and destroy parcels. Floods also cause soil erosion which degrades the suitability ofthe soil and its fertility.

We offer a method to aid them since we see the pain that the populationis going through. (Fatras et al., 2021), Oppong and Woodruff (2007).


The aim of this study is to predict flooding based on historical data to see how often floodingmay or may not occur from one area to another over time.

Given the disasters brought about the floods (presence of ravines which destroy roads, etc.), theobjective is to secure the population against the danger of erosion, with our model using Neuralartificial intelligence and Climate Operator Data to study the temperature and rainfall.

To this, the secondary objectives are associated :

•Study the climatology of the province (precipitation and temperature).

•Ensure a perfect return : that is to say, put in place methods or ideas to return to the statebefore disasters repair the damage that has occurred.

•Maintain the safety of the population : Target inhabited places at lower risk during theperiod of flood crisis.

Some motivations that led us to choose this subject are :

•the harmful effects of flooding in this region,

•suffering caused by the floods after having ravaged the fields and loss of property of theinhabitants of this region of Kasai Oriental.